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Big Pump

img/bp_bild.jpgSince Big Pump's commercial launch it hqas been Germanys number one energy-drink in bulk sizes. Big PUmp invented the energy drink in the 1,5L bottle and has lead the market since 1998 - a successful 17 year track record!

 A professional thought out strategy and a wide variety of containers made this achievement possible. While the world markeet leader restricted itself to a 250ml can, Big Pump  Energy-Drink saw the opportunities for success from the beginning with the 1.5L bottle especially for the food service industry. Energy-Drinks are commonly used to mix with other beverages and served in a glass. That's how the 1.5L Big Pump Energy-Drink hit the food service industry night scene like a bomb! Shortly after, the innovative idea came from Big Pump Energy recognized that its customers did not want to pass up the comfort of the 1.5L bottle.

 Today Big Pump Energy-Drink is sold prosperously all over Germany's food service industry, beverage stores and through common convenience channels. Big PUmp Energy-Drinks has almost all imaginable drink containers available: 1.5L/ 0.5L/ 0.33L/ 250ml.

70% of the energy drinks in Germany are sold in the range of 1.5L bottles. This is were we lead the market!